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Software as a Service

SAAS delivers SuiteiT, our range of highly effective and customisable software packages. Each package contains a collection of applications that focus on the needs of a specific market sector.

Our software solutions are not predicated on ‘plug and play box products’, but created around SAAS understanding your business, goals, objectives and desired outcomes. Following this analysis we reverse engineer our software to fit your business, not the other way around.

It is this process that creates the point of difference in our technology solutions enabling your company to achieve maximum return on investment.

We offer Suite iT in a cloud based environment so you can login to the service via the web wherever there is internet access.

Publishing suite:

publish it software as a serviceproduce it software as a service

Packed with innovative, problem-solving features, our publishing suite provides a secure, one-stop production base for every step of the publishing process from page creation, pagination to printing.

With real-time digital dummies, soft and hard proofing, drag and drop functionality and a collaborative, team-wide interface, our publishing suite is the ultimate tool for integrated magazine and book production.

Print suite:

print it software as a service

Designed to maintain brand integrity and control quality of product, Print iT is a custom designed print workflow application.

Catalogue suite:

dam it software as a serviceshoot it software as a servicedirect it software as a service

proof it software as a serviceplan it software as a servicesell it software as a service

print it software as a servicecreate it software as a serviceconvert it software as a service


The catalogue suite incorporates our 40 years of advertising production experience, to deliver a wide range of products that will streamline and automate your workflow.

If your company lacks control in the campaign planning process, your inventory system doesn’t communicate with merchandising or marketing, and your photography workflow is not producing the quality outcomes your advertising requires; this suite is ideal.